Smash Our Tennis Quiz

Smash Our Tennis Quiz

Welcome to the Tennis Trivia Quiz! Are you ready to test your knowledge and prove just how much of a tennis fan you are? Here we will be challenging your memory, your strategy skills, and your quick thinking. It's time to find out if you have what it takes to be the ultimate Tennis Trivia champion! So pick up your racquets, dust off your knowledge and let's get ready to ace this quiz! Good luck!

At what age does a professional tennis player's career usually end?

How many strokes are used in a game of tennis?

Who is the highest-earning professional tennis player?

What is the name of the annual tennis tournament held in Melbourne, Australia?

Who is the youngest ever men's singles Grand Slam champion?

What is the traditional color of the uniforms worn by tennis players?

What is the name of the scoring system used in tennis?

How many points are needed to win a set in tennis?

What is the maximum number of sets that can be played in a Grand Slam match?

How many Grand Slam tournaments are held each year?

When was the first Wimbledon tournament held?

What is the maximum number of sets allowed in a women's singles match?

What is the name of the tennis tournament held at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club?

What is the French Open also known as?

Who was the first female tennis player to win the Grand Slam singles titles?

What type of surface is the most popular for professional tennis matches?

How many points is a player awarded for a tiebreak game?

What is the name of the shot used to hit the ball over the opponent's head?

Who was the first Australian tennis player to win a Grand Slam tournament?

How many points is a player awarded for a game won?

Smash Our Tennis Quiz

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