"Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!"  Bizarre Injuries in Pro Sports

"Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!" Bizarre Injuries in Pro Sports

Being a professional athlete is an attractive job that brings fame and fortune. Unfortunately, it also at times results in injuries. Most of the time, those injuries are the result of the physical nature of the sport (ie. football and hockey) or due to the stress placed on the athletes' bodies (ie. pitchers' elbows and shoulders). However, sometimes the injuries that occur are quite bizarre. That is what this quiz is about. Let's see if you can match the athlete to the freakish injury.

in 2008, Detroit Tigers infielder Brandon Inge tore an abdominal muscle while doing what task?

in 1996, what baseball player broke his nose when a teammate fell on him during a team picture?

Pro golfers Jamie Donaldson and Greg Norman have both been injured while _________?

In 2015, NFL defensive lineman Jason Pierre Paul lost a finger sufferred while doing what task?

In 1930 in Quebec, minor league goalie Abie Goldberry was injured during a game because of what reason?

In 1977, NBA player Rudy Tomjanovich missed 5 months due to an injury caused by?

In 1992, which star Atlanta Braves pitcher broke 2 ribs from violently vomiting bad airline food?

What 1990s NFL running back sufferred hand lacerations from removing a woman's bra?

Former NHL goalie Glenn Healy needed over 40 stiches to close wounds caused while he was cleaning his what?

What former Baltimore Oriole sufferred facial burns falling asleep in a tanning bed?

What Toronto outfielder sufferred severe cuts after falling threw a glass table during a nightmare about spiders?

in 2001, how did NFL kicker Bill Gramatica tear his ACL?

In a 1997 NFL game, which quarterback injured his neck headbutting a wall after scoring a touchdown?

NHL bruiser Joey Kocur nearly had to get his hand amputated after it got infected during what activity?

in 2004, what MLB slugger hurt his abdominals by simply sneezing?

What Buffalo Sabres goalie had his carotid artery slashed by a wayward skate on the ice?

What NFL Quarterback was injured by his own team doctor shortly before an NFL game in 2021?

Former Washington Redskin Turk Edwards sufferred a career ending injury getting his cleats caught in the turf:

What NFL player missed multiple years for an eye injury caused by a referee's flag?

In 2014, how did Lamarr Houston and Stephen Tulloch both get injured in NFL games?

What pro golfer injured himself after throwing his club and having it strike him on the head on the way down?

Former National League MVP Kevin Mitchell missed playing time due to an injury sufferred biting a frozen ____?

What former NFL wide receiver accidentally shot himself in the leg?

In 2010, what former MLB OF missed 2 seasons after sufferring a torn ACL jumping on home plate to celebrate?

What pro golfer crashed his car after escaping from being attacked by his wife with a golf club?

In 1920, MLB Clarence Blethen had his leg lacerated sliding into 2nd base. What was in his back pocket?

in 2008, Chicago Cubs outfielder Felix Pie went on the DL with what injury?

NHL forward Dustin Penner sufferred a back strain in 2012 by doing what task?

In 2008, why did NHL goalie Manny Legace miss 4 games due to an injury?

What former New York Yankee and Toronto Blue Jay pitcher broke his hand punching a wall?

"Help, I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!" Bizarre Injuries in Pro Sports

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