It's Quite a 'Racquet' to Get Into: Badminton and Table Tennis Trivia

It's Quite a 'Racquet' to Get Into: Badminton and Table Tennis Trivia

A 'racket' is a scam or some sort of fraudulent, coercive, extortionary, or illegal scheme or operation. On the other hand, badminton and ping pong (table tennis) are popular racquet sports, especially in Asian cultures. They are fast-paced and can be highly entertaining. Believe it or not, the most painful sports injury I ever experienced was playing ping pong! Now, keep in mind, that while playing football, I have broken bones, dislocated shoulders, torn rotator cuffs, etc, etc, but nothing compares to an injury I sufferred playing ping pong. At the age of 12, right after playing table tennis at my friend's house, we were folding up the table. Somehow, my index finger got caught in the middle. I screamed in agony. 42 years later, my finger still looks somewhat mangled. Okay now, enough of my tragic past, let's get to the trivia!

How long is an official table tennis court?

Which nation has officially made table tennis its national sport?

Before badminton was called badminton, what was it known as?

In an episode of the Simpsons, Marge and Homer play badminton in their backyard with ___________.

In 1971, China invited players from which nation to come play a series of friendly matches in China?

28 Olympic medals have been awarded in men's table tennis. How many has China won?

What other name(s) has table tennis been known as?

The longest competitive badminton match on record lasted for a total of __________minutes.

One side of a table tennis racquet must always be what colour?

What is the fastest recorded hit of a badminton shuttlecock?

The origins of badminton are said to come from all of these nations except:

How high above the floor should a table tennis table stand?

One side of a table tennis racquet can be any of these colours except:

When was table tennis invented?

The world's largest shuttlecock is found in what city's art museum?

Most badminton racquets weigh between ____ and ____grams before strings and grips are added.

Olympic gold medals in men's singles(badminton) have been won by players from Indonesia, China, and ________________.

Oiympic gold medals in men's doubles(badminton) have been won by players from Indonesia, China, and _______________.

In what year did badminton become an Olympic sport?

Approximately ____% of all International Badminton Federation tournaments are won by players from China or Indonesia.

The International Table Tennis Federation was formed in 1926 by members from all of these nations except:

In terms of participation by people around the world, badminton ranks as the ____most popular sport.

The best shuttlecocks are made from the ________________________.

How high is a table tennis net?

Since 1981, there have been 145 Table Tennis World Championships in men's and women's singles & doubles and mixed doubles. How many has China won?

It's Quite a 'Racquet' to Get Into: Badminton and Table Tennis Trivia

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