"Snowmen, Foot Wedges and Danny Devito:  The Beauty of Golf Slang"

"Snowmen, Foot Wedges and Danny Devito: The Beauty of Golf Slang"

Today's generation often complains that golf is a boring sport, that it moves too slowly, and that there's not enough action. Compared to some other sports, that may very well be true. However, one entertaining aspect about golf is the unique slang which is often used that the casual observer would not be able to understand. How about you? Are you 'hip' to the cool lingo? Tee it up and let's go!

In golf, what is a 'James Joyce'?

If a golfer is using a 'foot wedge', what are they doing?

A poorly designed and/or maintained golf course is often called a ________?

What is a 'scratch golfer'?

The flagstick that is sticking out of the hole is often called the _______?

What golf clubs are considered to be the 'middle irons'?

In golf, what does the term 'Ace' mean?

What does it mean if a player gets a 'birdie' on a hole? He/she shot ______ par on the hole.

If a golfer gets a score of TEN on a hole, what is that sometimes called?

Former famous pro golfer Juan Antonio Rodriguez was better known by what nickname?

I score better than you on a hole. On the next hole, I have the 'honors'. What does that mean?

What do you call it when a player hits a shot so far out of bounds it has gone where no man has gone before?

If a player hits a shot and he/she wants it to 'bite', what are they hoping will happen when it lands on the green?

If a golfer got a score of 2 on a par five, what would that be called?

An inexperienced or bad golfer is often called a __________?

If a player records an 'abominable snowman' on a hole, how many shots did he/she take?

What is a golfer supposed to yell if their errant shot is in danger of hitting another player?

In golf, what is a 'mulligan'?

What does it mean if a player gets an 'eagle' on a hole? He/she shot _______par on the hole.

What is another name for a 'double bogey'?

In golf, what is known as a 'Danny Devito'?

If a golfer swings at a ball and competely misses it, this is called a ______?

If a golfer starts to get 'the yips', what does that mean is happening?

When a player hits a ball much farther than they intended, this is sometimes called _________?

When players get together for drinks after finishing their round, this is sometimes referred to as the ________?

In golf, what is it called when a player hits a shot from one bunker to another?

If a golfer uses a putter to hit a shot while not on the green, it is sometimes called a ___________?

If a player gets a 'snowman' in golf, what happened?

What parts of golf courses are sometimes called 'dance floors'?

In golf, what is 'spinach'?

"Snowmen, Foot Wedges and Danny Devito: The Beauty of Golf Slang"

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