Go For the Green with this Fun Tiger Woods Quiz!


Go For the Green with this Fun Tiger Woods Quiz!

Sports have intrigued us for as long as we have been on this planet. Feats of strength and marathon activities are something that our society has always been fond of and still is to this day. There have been some people on this planet who are just elevated among their peers. Think Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Serena Williams. But a name that must be put on the list of all-time greats is Tiger Woods. The guy has achieved basically everything you can in the sport of golf and is still winning after turning pro more than 25 years ago. Although he is a well-known celebrity, not everything is common knowledge about the man named Tiger. If you think you know more than the average person about Tiger Woods, then find out with his fun and informative quiz!

How old was Tiger when he beat his father at golf for the first time?

What show did Tiger appear on in 1978?

How many siblings does Tiger have?

How old was Tiger when he won his first Junior World Championship?

What kind of injury sidelined Tiger in 2008?

By the age of five, Tiger had already appeared in what publication?

How long was Tiger ranked as the number one golfer in the world his first time?

In high school, Tiger was voted as what?

What company has NOT sponsored Tiger during his golf career?

In 2004, Tiger lost his number one ranking to who?

How long did it take for Tiger to reach the number one position in the world after becoming pro?

At his first major national junior tournament, Tiger was teamed with a professional player. Who was he teamed up with?

In 2000, Tiger was named what by Sports Illustrated?

How old was Tiger when he went pro?

When did Tiger start golfing?

How many green jackets has Tiger won?

What golf legend did Tiger impress at a golf clinic as a teenager?

What is Tiger Woods' estimated net worth?

What year was Tiger Woods born?

What did Tiger release in 2001?

How many children does Tiger have?

Tiger Woods is the only golfer to have done what?

Where was Tiger Woods Born?

What university did Tiger choose to attend?

What is the name of the restaurant that Tiger owns?

Go For the Green with this Fun Tiger Woods Quiz!

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