Without Rules, We Have Anarchy: MLB Rules Trivia

Without Rules, We Have Anarchy: MLB Rules Trivia

In 2023, MLB has made some major rule changes. These changes were tested in the minor leagues last year and are being adopted in the big leagues this year. Some other changes were made a few years ago. Some rules have been for a very long time. This quiz will test your knowledge of baseball rules. Let's see how much you know!

When a runner is on base, how many times can the pitcher throw to that base?

As of this year, what change was made regarded infield shifts?

Why was the change regarding infield shifts made?

As of a few years ago, how many batters must a relief pitcher pitch to before being removed?

Can a player carry his bat around the bases with him?

As of a few years ago, in extra innings, what change was made?

If an outfielder catches a fly ball but then falls over the outfield fence, what is true?

The size of bases was raised from ______square inches to _____square inches.

An official game can be said to be complete (when disrupted by rain) after ______innings.

As of this 2023, between pitches there is a _____second timer with the bases empty.

At the start of a play, other than the catcher, what fielder can line up in foul territory?

The 'infield fly' rule is not in effect if ______base is empty.

What happens if a batter fouls off a ball when there are already 2 strikes on the batter?

When did the 1st and 3rd base coaches start wearing batting helmets?

If a catcher drops a swing and a miss on a third strike on the batter, what is true?

Which team always bats 1st in a game?

When the DH rule was adopted, that meant that _______no longer had to bat during games.

Batters must be in the batters box and alert to the pitcher by the _____second mark.

When did MLB introduce interleague play?

What is the size of the 'pitching rubber' that a pitcher must start from?

What is the maximum length of a baseball bat?

Prior to the 9th inning, how many mound visits can a team have?

How much does a MLB baseball weigh?

What happens if a batted ball lands in the field of play and bounces over the outfield wall?

As of 2023, between pitches there is a _____second timer with runners on base.

Without Rules, We Have Anarchy: MLB Rules Trivia

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