Test Your Knowledge of MLB Jersey Numbers!

Test Your Knowledge of MLB Jersey Numbers!

Did you know that for the first 60 years of Major League Baseball, uniforms didn’t have numbers? It seems crazy to think, considering how numbers like 2, 8, 24, and 42 have become iconic in the world of baseball. Think you know the jerseys numbers of star players past and present? Or what jersey numbers have been retired by teams? Test your knowledge of MLB jersey numbers in this fun and insightful quiz!

Which two numbers have been retired by the Toronto Blue Jays?

Which of these numbers has NOT been retired by the Kansas City Royals?

Before wearing 25 for the majority of his career with the San Francisco Giants, what number did Barry Bonds begin his career wearing?

Which of these current star players does NOT wear number 27?

Which St. Louis Cardinals star wore number 1?

Which is the only team in the MLB to retire all single-digit numbers?

Which of these numbers has NOT been retired by the Boston Red Sox?

Aside from Ichiro Suzuki, which of these other star players famously wore number 51?

After wearing 28 for his entire career, what number did Prince Fielder switch to when he played for the Texas Rangers?

Who was the last MLB player to wear number 42?

What number did the legendary Joe DiMaggio wear?

Which current MLB star wears 99?

What number did all-time MLB hits leader Pete Rose wear?

Which of these two teams wear home jerseys with only numbers and no names?

What number did Hall of Famer and former home run king Hank Aaron wear?

Which of these star players did NOT wear number 24?

Which of these modern stars wears the same number as the legendary Babe Ruth?

What number does pitcher Madison Bumgarner wear?

What number did all-time MLB consecutive games played leader Cal Ripken Jr. wear?

Why does Toronto Blue Jays star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. wear number 27?

What is the only number retired league-wide?

What number did star pitcher Greg Maddux wear?

Which of these talented but temperamental players wore number 66?

What number does two-way star Shohei Ohtani wear?

What is the last jersey number from 0-99 to finally be worn in the MLB?

Test Your Knowledge of MLB Jersey Numbers!

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