Test Your Knowledge of Every MLB Ballpark's Most Unique Feature!

Test Your Knowledge of Every MLB Ballpark's Most Unique Feature!

Is it your dream to visit all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums? Or better yet, have you done it already? The MLB is the only one of North America’s four major sports leagues with variable playing surface sizes, and its collection of ballparks boast many incredible and iconic features. From home-field advantages to fan attractions, MLB ballparks are a fascinating cross-section of sports landmarks and architectural quirks. So whether you’re new to the sport or consider yourself a baseball buff, find out how much you know with this fun and insightful quiz!

Baseball stadiums love their water features! Which ballpark has a waterfall in centre field?

Which is the last ballpark with a "keyhole," or dirt strip between home plate and the pitcher's mound?

Mascots always have fun at the games, but which ballpark has their mascot go down a slide after home runs by the home team?

Which ballpark's massive upper deck is sometimes dubbed "Mount Davis" by fans?

Which ballpark is widely considered one of the best in the league due to its stunning views of the city skyline and clear field sightlines from every seat?

Which was the first of the "retro-classic" ballparks to be built in the 1990s?

There's nothing like a game at the old ballpark, unless it's a new ballpark! Which is the newest stadium in the MLB?

Which early 1990s ballpark was built just before the retro-classic style of stadium design returned to the league?

Watch your step! Which park formerly had a hill and flagpole as part of the playing surface in front of the centre field fence?

Which National League park's "batter's eye" in straightaway centre field houses a grove of fir trees?

Which ballpark is the smallest in terms of actual fan capacity?

Which is the largest baseball-specific stadium in the league (and also the world!) by seat capacity?

Which MLB park's right field corner is home to the infamous Pesky Pole?

Watching a game at the ballpark is great, but how about from a roof? Which stadium has stands on rooftops across the street?

Which is the only remaining American League ballpark named after a person?

Several current ballparks have been built as replacements for retro domed stadiums, but which was built to replace the Kingdome?

Which ballpark features a giant baseball glove and Coca-Cola bottle above the left field bleachers?

Which park is home to the MLB's largest video scoreboard?

Which ballpark saved and incorporated a 100-year-old building into its stadium design?

Imagine a hotel room that comes with a view of a baseball game! Which ballpark houses a hotel with 70 rooms overlooking the field?

Which ballpark features a giant home city-inspired element that rises from beyond the centre field fence after every home run by the team?

Baseball and a swim, anyone? Which ballpark has a swimming pool in right-centre field?

Which ballpark has a "Touch Experience" where fans can pet and interact with the team's namesake animal?

Which park has two smokestacks situated in right-centre field to pay homage to the city's industrial past?

Which ballpark typically has a city landmark emblazoned as part of the field's grass?

Which park has a giant Gold Glove statue in an outdoor plaza at the entrance to the stadium?

Which park is famous with fans and players alike for its "short porch" in right field?

Which park sounds a submarine dive horn to celebrate home runs and wins by the home team?

Which ballpark has an area called Monument Garden filled with statues and artwork highlighting team history?

Which ballpark has a distinctive row of coloured seats in the upper deck as a reference to the city's identity?

Test Your Knowledge of Every MLB Ballpark's Most Unique Feature!

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