Taters, Dingers, and Chin Music - The Beauty of Baseball Slang

Taters, Dingers, and Chin Music - The Beauty of Baseball Slang

Today's generation often complains that baseball is a boring sport, that the game moves too slowly, and that there's not enough action. Compared to some other sports, that may very well be true. However, one entertaining aspect about baseball is the unique slang which is often used that the casual observer would not be able to understand. How about you? Are you 'hip' to the cool lingo? Batter up!

If a batter gets a single, a double, a triple, and a home run it one game, what is it called?

What is 'The Mendoza Line'?

What baseball position player would be one to 'paint the corners'?

An easy catch for a fielder is sometimes called a can of ______?

A hitter with no power is sometimes called a ____________?

An inside fastball up and in near the batter is sometimes called ________?

What is a 'No No'?

A hit that goes off home plate and then takes a large bounce over an infielder is called a ________?

If a hitter is 'batting cleanup', what does that mean?

If a batter hits a 'tater', what has he done?

A complete game shutout thrown by a pitcher with < 100 pitches is called a _______?

What does the term 'battery' mean in baseball?

What is it called if a player strikes out 4 times in one game?

Where is 'the hot corner'?

If a batter gets a golden sombrero during a game, what did he do?

What is it called when baseball teams get into a fight?

What does it mean if 'the bases are juiced'?

When fans 'boo' a player, it is sometimes called a _________?

In baseball, what does the term 'Ace' mean?

Where in baseball are 'the alleys'?

What does it mean if a baseball player 'sets the table'?

What is it called when a pitch has low velocity but lots of movement?

What baseball position player would be the one to deliver 'chin music'?

When a hitter goes hitless in a game, he's said to have 'taken' what object?

Reilef pitchers are sometimes referred to as __________?

What is it called if a player gets a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in the same game?

A batter who gets a lot of cheap base hits without making much hard contact is often called a __________?

Taters, Dingers, and Chin Music - The Beauty of Baseball Slang

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