Take this New York Yankees quiz to see how much you know about the greatest baseball franchise of all time


Take this New York Yankees quiz to see how much you know about the greatest baseball franchise of all time

Loved and hated by millions of baseball fans around the world. The New York Yankees have demonstrated in their 120 year existence that they are the premier franchise in sports history.
The Yankees have had a history of having the greatest athletes on their squads over the years. Their rosters are full of house hold names like: Mickey Mantle, Derek Jeter, Joe DiMaggio and the greatest player of all time, Babe Ruth.
The Yankees show no signs of ending these winning ways this season. Grab your hat and bat and see if you can hit a homerun with this quiz on the Yankees!

Who gave the luckiest man alive speech?

Which of these Yankees did not win a Cy Young award when they were on the team?

Which of these Yankee greats isn�t in the hall of fame

The only pitcher to pitch a perfect game in the World Series was a Yankee. Who was that player?

This Yankee died while a Yankee during the 1979 season.

What is the current value of the franchise?

Who is the only Yankee to reach 3000 hits?

Which Yankee holds the team record for saves?

Which Yankee has the most amount of world series wins with the team?

When was the last time The Yankees won the World Series?

How many consecutive hits did Joe DiMaggio have during his heat streak in 1941?

Besides being an outfielder, what other position did Babe Ruth play

Where in New York do the Yankees play?

How many times have the Yankees appeared in the World Series?

How many numbers have the Yankees retired?

How many World Series Championships have the Yankees won?

Which Yankee has played the most amount of games with the team?

In August of 2019, The Yankees broke the record for most amount of home runs hit my team in a month. How many did they hit?

What stadium did the Yankees call home when they came to New York?

In 1961, How many home runs did Roger Maris hit to break Babe Ruth's single season record?

Which Yankee Manager has the most wins?

What was the name of the team when they first came to New York City?

Which team did The Yankees purchase Babe Ruth From?

How many times have the Yankees finished last in their division

Take this New York Yankees quiz to see how much you know about the greatest baseball franchise of all time

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