Take A Swing and Test Your Knowledge with this Baseball Quiz!

Take A Swing and Test Your Knowledge with this Baseball Quiz!

Imagine this – the sun is shining, you have a cold beverage in your hand and your baseball glove in your lap. Your favourite team is about to take the field and the crowd roars in excitement. This is an major league baseball game, and for the moment, all is right with the world. Baseball isn’t just an American pastime. The sport is played around the globe by kids and adults alike. It intertwines teamwork and individual achievements, all while playing by rules that have been in place for well over a century. The sport of baseball has seen a rise in attendance and fans, as it has tried to showcase its stars more and show a whole new generation just how awesome the game of baseball truly is. If you consider yourself a baseball aficionado, test your skill with this fun and informative quiz all about the game of baseball!

Who holds the record for most home runs in a season?

Baseball is often referred to as being what?

When was the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League formed?

What is the distance between bases?

What was unique about pitcher Jim Abbott?

How many stiches are on a baseball?

How old was the youngest player to ever appear in an MLB game?

Where is the Baseball Hall of Fame located?

What was banned in baseball in 1920?

What team is considered the first professional baseball team?

How long was the longest baseball game ever played?

Who is said to have invented baseball?

When did baseball become an Olympic sport?

In the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" what foods do the lyrics mention?

Manager Bobby Cox holds the MLB record for what?

Which of these countries does NOT consider baseball as their national sport?

What was the fastest recorded pitch ever thrown?

The Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners share the record for most wins in a season. How many did they have?

Cal Hubbard is the only player to have done what?

What year did numbers first appear on the back of jerseys?

Who holds the all time steals record?

What was so special about Ken Griffey Jr. and Ken Griffey Sr.?

Jackie Robinson's number has been retired by all MLB teams. What was his number?

How far is the pitcher's mound supposed to be from home plate?

Who won the first World Series?

Take A Swing and Test Your Knowledge with this Baseball Quiz!

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