Which Make of Truck Are You?

Which Make of Truck Are You?

People pride themselves in the brand of truck they are loyal to. Whether it's Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or GMC, most truck owners are in support of one of these major manufacturers. Do you drive a truck? If so, which brand do you prefer to take for a spin? Take this quiz to find out what your personality says about your truck preference (and what your truck preference says about your personality)! We wonder if the result will surprise you and make you rethink your next truck!

How would you describe your current relationship status?

You're walking in the woods and you see a bear. What is your move?

If your kid was having trouble in school, what would you do?

When did you last work outside in the hot sun all day?

Would you consider enlisting in the military?

Do you have road rage?

Do you think you have an 'old school' personality?

How does exercise fit into your lifestyle?

How would you feel about working indoors in an office everyday?

If your town was under zombie attack, how long would you survive?

Do your friends think you're cool?

Where do you typically fall on the political spectrum?

What sports do you watch for fun?

What talent would you showcase on stage?

On what level do you identify with Chuck Norris?

You're taking a short vacation. Which of these spots would you like to visit?

Have you ever been in an accident?

How do you look wearing a cowboy hat?

Which TV show do you flick on for a night at home?

What are your thoughts on camping?

What is your go-to facial hair style?

If you had to move to a new country, where would you want to live?

If you're late for an event, how fast will you drive?

Which of these conventions would you attend?

Have you ever been fired?

What's your lazy Sunday afternoon movie genre?

How do you feel about conspiracy theories?

How cool would you expect to look if you were driving your dream truck?

What kind of drive do you enjoy for fun?

Are you type of the person to help your friends move?


Favorite Songs:
My First Kiss3OH!3 featuring Kesha
Empire State of Mind-Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys
Favorite Books:
Savannah Blues (Weezie and Bebe Mysteries #1)-Mary Kay Andrews
Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm-Kenneth C. Laudon/Jane P. Laudon
The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (Shopaholic #1)-Sophie Kinsella