What Dallas Cowboy Player Would You Get Along With the Best?

What Dallas Cowboy Player Would You Get Along With the Best?

There is no doubt when driving through Texas that Texans take pride is in all things American. The blue and white star that is scattered around Dallas, Texas is an American symbol and source of Texan, pride. Football is one of America's most famous sports and one of the best teams in the NFL is arguably the Dallas Cowboys. Football has expanded worldwide, and you'll find Dallas fans in all corners of the world. With a value of $4.2 billion there's no doubt this is a team worthy of that admiration.

They have had some talented and respected players on the Dallas Cowboys over the years, such as the Triplets, are made up of three players; Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith. Back in the 90s these three were the players who really made the Dallas Cowboys fandom expand. However, the team has also had some past players that were just as astonishing such as Roger Staubach who is nicknamed Captain Comeback for his ability to bring the team back to victory after many close defeats.

We want to help you find out which Dallas Cowboys player you would get along with best, and which ones you're most like. By matching your personality to theirs, we will identify which one would be your best match to hang-out with! Be honest with your answers, or how else will we figure out your next best friend?

When planning on watching a movie, what is your go-to genre?

Who do you look up to that is not a football athlete?

If you're having friends over for dinner, would they approve of your cooking?

10 million dollars lands in your account, what are you going to do first?

Sex on the first date, yes or no?

Do you think you could have done better in College?

If you could pick one genre of book to read for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Football is obviously your preferred sport, but what would come as a close second?

What do you do when you get into a fight with your significant other?

If you were to go back in time and restart your career, what would you study?

You get to customize your dream car. What color is it going to be?

If you're sitting in a bar, what are you most likely to order to drink?

You're in a relationship, do you stay monogamous? Or do you stray?

Are you content with your financial status? Or could it be better?

Is there something a potential partner could do that would turn you off?

What are you doing when you aren't playing sports?

Fad diets, which one are you doing?

Which of these places would you prefer to live?

If you could have dinner with any of these historical figures, who would it be?

What does your dream home look like?

What's your ideal vacation location?

People have gotten you to where you are, what are you doing to give back?

You're caught for a traffic infraction, what would be the cause?

How do you impress someone on a first date?

How much attention do you put into your attire?

Working out isn't always fun, but if you're doing it, what's your routine?

Are your looks an important aspect of who you are?

While at work, do you find yourself bumping heads with your boss?

When you disagree with you co-worker, what do you do to resolve the conflict?

What is your dream pet?


Favorite Songs:
My First Kiss3OH!3 featuring Kesha
Empire State of Mind-Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys
Favorite Books:
Savannah Blues (Weezie and Bebe Mysteries #1)-Mary Kay Andrews
Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm-Kenneth C. Laudon/Jane P. Laudon
The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (Shopaholic #1)-Sophie Kinsella