The Sport I Hated in High School: Field Hockey Trivia

The Sport I Hated in High School: Field Hockey Trivia

In a unit of high school phys-ed, we spent two to three weeks learning the game of field hockey. I hated it! Why? Well, in traditional hockey, I am a left-handed shot. However, in field hockey, the way the sticks are constructed, you have to be a right-handed shot. As well, I thought the sticks were too short. Being slightly over 6 feet tall, playing field hockey meant having to uncomfortably hunch over. As well, if someone took a shot and it hit your foot, it hurt like hell if you were wearing simple canvas running shoes. Maybe that explains why I have never even thought about field hockey until I had to research questions for this quiz. Good luck to all of you!

How many players does each team put on the field at one time?

Where is Ties Kruize from?

What shape is the striking circle in field hockey?

Where is Shahbaz Ahmed from?

What is it called if a player uses the rounded back of their stick to hit the ball?

In field hockey, the officials carry cards of how many different colours?

When a team commits a foul, how are they punished?

Where is Fergus Kavanagh from?

What is the width of a field hockey pitch?

How tall is a field hockey net?

If a team is awarded a penalty stroke in field hockey, how far from the goal is it taken?

Which of the following statements about field hockey is true?

What nation is Sohail Abbas from?

How wide is a field hockey net?

How can a goal be scored in field hockey?

Dylan Chand is widely regarded as the best field hockey player of all time. When did he play?

If field hockey, if a player is shown a yellow card, for how many minutes do they have to leave the field?

Intentional fouls committed with the _____yard line can result in the awarding of a penalty corner.

How long does a field hockey game last?

What is Dhanraj Pillay's key achievement in cricket?

What is it called if a player moves the ball forward using any part of his body except his stick?

What is the length of a field hockey pitch?

What nation won the 2022 female world championship in field hockey?

A field goal is a goal scored from:

How many officials are there in a field hockey game?

The Sport I Hated in High School: Field Hockey Trivia

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