Test Your Olympic Knowledge with This Winter Games Quiz


Test Your Olympic Knowledge with This Winter Games Quiz

The Olympics are beloved by millions across the globe. They are a symbol of humanity and offer a sense of togetherness. Some might say that the Summer Olympics are the more fun games to watch, but the Winter Olympics offer a variety of events that you don’t get to see coverage of typically. The Winter Games has also become increasingly more popular with younger generations. The inclusion of events like snowboarding, alpine skiing and team skiing has increased the attention put onto the games. Would you say you’re knowledgeable when it comes to the Winter Olympics? Well, find out with this fun quiz that’s all about the Winter Olympics!

Gillis Grafstrom was the first person to win a medal for the same sport in the Winter and Summer Games. What did he win the medals for?

What strange thing happened at the 1964 Winter Games?

What's unique about the Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch?

Who is the only athlete to win a gold medal for different sports at both the Winter and Summer Games?

What is the oldest sport on the Olympic Winter Games programme?

What country has won the most medals at the Winter Olympics?

What country will host the 2026 Winter Games?

What was Walt Disney's role during the games in 1960?

How high are the walls of the halfpipe for the Halfpipe Snowboarding event?

How many events are currently a part of the Winter Olympics?

What do fourth place finishers receive at the Winter Games?

What U.S. city has held the Winter Games twice?

Which of these countries did NOT make their first Winter Olympics appearance in 2018?

What similarity did the Winter and Summer Games share until 1992?

How many athletes competed at the Winter Games in PyeongChang 2018?

Where were the first Winter Olympics Games held?

How old was the youngest ever Olympic skier to participate in the games?

What happens to the hockey pucks between games at the Winter Games?

What was famed British ski jumper Eddie Edwards nickname?

Japan's Noriaki Kasai holds a Winter Games record for what?

Which of these countries has NOT won a medal at every Winter Olympic Games?

In 2014, how much did an athlete from Kazakhstani earn if they received a gold medal?

The 1976 Winter Olympic Games were held in Montreal, Quebec Canada, but what city was originally awarded the games?

What country has hosted the Winter Games more than any other?

What caused the events at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano to be suspended?

Test Your Olympic Knowledge with This Winter Games Quiz

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