Test Your Knowledge: The Ultimate Collegiate Wrestling Quiz

Test Your Knowledge: The Ultimate Collegiate Wrestling Quiz

Attention all wrestling fans! Get ready to flex your mental muscles with a trivia quiz about Collegiate wrestling. Whether you're a seasoned wrestling enthusiast or just a newbie, this quiz is sure to test your knowledge and keep you on the edge of your seat!Are you ready to dive into the world of college wrestling? Do you know the history behind the sport and the different divisions and weight classes? Can you ace this quiz with facts about the most legendary wrestlers and their achievements?Expect questions about the latest and greatest wrestling moves, the most intense matches and upsets in history, and how well you know the ins and outs of college wrestling. You'll have a blast guessing the answers to these trivia questions and learning more about the world of wrestling.So buckle up and prepare to put your wrestling knowledge to the test. Get ready, get set, and let the trivia begin!

Who was the first wrestler to win four NCAA Division I championships in a row?

What is the maximum time a college wrestling match can last for non-championship bouts?

What is the maximum amount of time allowed for a wrestler to escape from bottom position in college wrestling?

How many NCAA Division I wrestling teams are there?

Where was the first Intercollegiate wrestling match held in the US?

Which wrestler holds the record for the most NCAA Division I championships won?

What is the minimum number of matches a wrestler must compete in to be eligible for the NCAA Division I championships?

Which wrestler has won the most career matches in NCAA Division I history?

In what year did the NCAA begin sponsoring wrestling championships for all three divisions?

Which wrestler has the most career wins in NCAA Division I history?

What is the maximum amount of points that can be scored in a single wrestling move?

Which wrestling move is made illegal due to safety concerns in 2008?

Which school has won the most NCAA Division I team wrestling championships?

What is the diameter of a traditional wrestling mat?

What is the maximum number of weight classes in NCAA Division I wrestling?

In what year did women's wrestling become an Olympic event?

What is the name of the NCAA Division I wrestling tournament?

What is the size of a wrestling circle or "inner circle"?

In what year was the first NCAA wrestling championships held?

Who is the wrestler with the most pins in NCAA Division I history?

Test Your Knowledge: The Ultimate Collegiate Wrestling Quiz

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