Test Your Knowledge: Freestyle BMX Quiz

Test Your Knowledge: Freestyle BMX Quiz

Gather 'round, class! It's time to test your knowledge on the adrenaline-pumping world of Freestyle BMX! Get ready to separate the pros from the beginners as you dive into the exciting world of extreme sports.Are you a BMX enthusiast? Do you know all the tricks, tips, and flips that make freestyle BMX so captivating? Or maybe you're new to the sport and eager to learn more? Either way, this quiz will challenge your knowledge AND introduce you to new information about this wickedly cool sport.From the history of freestyle BMX to the gnarly tricks and stunts that only the bravest daredevils attempt, this quiz has it all. Gear up and get ready to answer some of the most intriguing questions about this adrenaline-filled world of BMX.So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and see how much you really know about freestyle BMX! Get set, ready, GO!

Which BMX freestyle discipline involves performing tricks on a set course with a mix of obstacles like ramps, jumps, and rails?

Who is considered to be the "Godfather of Freestyle BMX"?

What is a bar hop in BMX freestyle?

What is a feeble grind in BMX freestyle?

What is a decade air in BMX freestyle?

Who is the current BMX freestyle park world champion?

What does BMX stand for?

What is a flair in the BMX freestyle world?

In BMX freestyle, what is a downside whip?

What is a tabletop in BMX freestyle?

Which of these is not a BMX freestyle discipline?

Which North American city hosted the first-ever BMX freestyle competition in 1985?

Which BMX rider is known for inventing the tailwhip trick?

What is a decade in BMX freestyle?

What is the name of the trick where a rider spins their bike around 360 degrees while still sitting on it?

Who is considered to be the first BMX rider to perform a backflip on a bicycle?

What is a tailwhip in BMX freestyle?

What is a truck driver in BMX freestyle?

Which BMX rider holds the record for the highest air out of a vert ramp?

Which BMX freestyle discipline involves performing tricks on flat surfaces instead of ramps or jumps?

Test Your Knowledge: Freestyle BMX Quiz

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