Test Your Game! Match the Sport to the Championship Event.

Test Your Game! Match the Sport to the Championship Event.

Whether it's an individual or team sport that's played indoors or outdoors, the test of physical athleticism, drive, intelligence and grit is why sports are popular for athletes as well as spectators. Whether it's a popular national sport like baseball, football or basketball, or a less common sport like bowling or badminton, a lot of time, dedication and work goes into competing at a championship level.
Most of us are aware of championships like the World Cup, the Super Bowl, the World Series and the Stanley Cup, but how many of us know about the championships that are played for lesser-known sports?
Think you know sports? This quiz will test your knowledge about different sports and their respective championships. You may be surprised by how much (or how little) you really know about sports! Who knows, you may even be inspired to try your hand at a new sport. Take this quiz now to test your sports knowledge!

Athletes compete in which racket sport at the Uber Cup?

Fill in the blank: The FIS ____________ World Championships has events like slopestyle.

Which of the following events is for field lacrosse?

Tiger Woods is a famous athlete who played at the World Cup of _______.

The Biathlon World Championships involves which of these two sports?

This sport's championship is called The ________ World Cup Sevens

Which of these sports is played at the ICC Women's T20 World Cup?

The ITU World Triathlon Series is a triathlon championship. A triathlon involves which of these three sports?

Which of these winter sports uses a bobsled?

You'll see men and women compete on uneven bars at The _________ Gymnastics World Championships.

Fill in the blank: Athletes at The World _________ Championships use a bow and arrow.

The WDF World Cup is the championship for this sport, which is often played in sports bars.

Which of these championships is for European football (aka soccer)?

The NBA is a championship for which sport?

This country has won the men's Ice Hockey World Championships more than any other.

It's all about speed at the World Single Distance Championship. What's the sport?

Fill in the blank: Created in 1967, The World _______ Championship involves a sport found in many sports bars.

Fill in the blank for this winter sport's championship: The _______ World Championship

The Fed Cup is for which racket sport?

Fill in the blank to complete the name of this championship: The Women's _________ Hockey World Cup

Which of these winter sports is part of the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup?

In 2019 the World ________ ________ Championships were held in Japan.

What's the name of the trophy presented at the WFTDA Championships?

Fill in the blank with one of these sports: FIS Alpine World ___________ Championship.

Test Your Game! Match the Sport to the Championship Event.

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