Single Skating Knowledge Challenge: Test Your Skills on the Ice!

Single Skating Knowledge Challenge: Test Your Skills on the Ice!

Alrighty, class! Buckle up because we're about to have a blast with today's trivia quiz on Single Skating! Are you guys ready for some skating fun facts and figures? I hope you are because we're diving deep into the realm of single skating, the most popular figure skating discipline and a true test of balance, speed, and agility.Now, whether you're a pro skater or just love to watch some ice skating in the Olympics, this trivia quiz is perfect for all of you. We'll be quizzing you on all aspects of single skating - from the history of skating to famous skaters, and even some technical elements of skating that make spectators go Wow!So sharpen those pencils and get your thinking caps on, because this quiz will be a fun ride. Let's see who comes out on top and becomes the ultimate Single skating trivia champion. Get ready to spin, jump, and glide your way through this quiz!

What is the name of the jumps that require the skater to take off and land on the same edge?

Who is the youngest Olympic gold medalist in ladies' singles skating?

Which jump is executed with the free leg extended behind the skater during the takeoff and landing?

What is the minimum age requirement for senior international competition in singles skating?

Prior to 2018, how many times had a woman landed a triple axel in the Olympics?

Which skater is known for her "layback" spin position, which is named after her?

What does the abbreviation PCS stand for in figure skating?

What is the highest number of points that can be earned in a single element in the ISU judging system?

Which skater is credited with being the first to perform the triple axel in competition?

Which skater holds the record for the most world championship titles in ladies' singles?

Which country has won the most Olympic gold medals in ladies' singles?

What is the name of the position where the skater pulls their leg behind their body and touches the back of their head with their foot?

Which skater was the first to land a quadruple jump in competition in 1988?

What is the name of the jump that requires the skater to take off from the back outside edge of one foot and land on the back outside edge of the opposite foot?

Who has the highest score ever recorded in ladies' singles?

What is a Biellmann spin?

Which jump is known as the "King of Jumps" because of its high level of difficulty and is only executed by a few skaters?

Who is the current world record holder for the highest technical score in ladies' singles?

What is the name of the position in which the skater bends one leg and stretches the other out to the side, with both arms above their head?

Which skater won the 1994 Olympics despite injuring herself during her long program?

Single Skating Knowledge Challenge: Test Your Skills on the Ice!

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