Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream: Life is But a Quiz About Rowing

Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream: Life is But a Quiz About Rowing

Admittedly, I know virtually nothing about rowing. When making up this quiz, I had to research every single question. As for the comments after the right answers are given, at times I provide some more information, but many other times I try to make a humorous comment or provide some other random, related by a stretch comment. I hope you enjoy this quiz. Hopefully, you won't find yourself up a creek without a paddle! Wait a minute, that is more about CANOES! Oh well, good luck!

In rowing competitions, a junior class means the competitors are under _____.

What command by a Cox tells rowers to put their oars in the water?

What term describes racers given a 2nd chance to qualify for the finals?

What is sweep rowing?

What is the member of a rowing term without oars called?

What are the marks left by the blade on the water after a release?

What is a frame with straps or shoes to anchor a rower's feet?

When during a race would a 'High Ten' normally occur?

Donald Alum was a British oarsman who was the 1st person to row across the:

What term describes the distance a shell travels during each stroke?

What is turning an oar after the blade is extracted making it parallel to the water?

What term describes where the blade enters the water?

In rowing competitions, a Senior B class means the competitors are under _____.

For females, a coxswain should not weigh more than ______pounds.

What is the device at the end of a rigger that holds an oar?

What is the bar across the oarlock that keeps the oar in place?

What is the bow?

What term describes the number of strokes executed per minute by a crew?

In rowing compettions, Masters classes range from A to J. J means age ___and up.

In Olympic rowing events, there are teams of all of the following sizes except:

For males, a coxswain should not weigh more than ____pounds.

A type of race where crews are drawn randomly from a hat is called a ___________.

What is the shell?

What is the term to describe the uniform stroke rate used by a rowing team?

What is a rower with two oars, one in each hand?

Row Row Row Your Boat Gently Down the Stream: Life is But a Quiz About Rowing

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