Punching Fans, Attacking Mascots, and Knocking Out Teammates: Fights in Pro Sports

Punching Fans, Attacking Mascots, and Knocking Out Teammates: Fights in Pro Sports

In hockey, you can do things to an opponent that would get you arrested out on the street. Granted, fighting in hockey is certainly less prevalent than it was in the past, but it is still a part of the game. That is NOT true in other team sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. Fighting is explicity banned. That being said, sometimes fights DO happen in other sports. Let's see how much 'fight' you have in your system! Time to show offyour knowledge of sports fights!

Near the end of an NFL game, what future Hall of Fame player punched future Hall of Fame coach Chuck Noll in the face to start a huge brawl?

During a NFL game between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, what Browns player ripped Steeler QB Mason Rudolph's helmet off and hit him with it?

In a 1972 game vs the Detroit Tigers, what Oakland Athletics batter hurled his bat at pitcher Lerrin LaGrow?

Which of these former NBA players did NOT ever throw a punch at Bill Laimbeer during a game?

During a heated NFL playoff game between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh in 2015, what coach entered the field of play and started picking fights?

What MLB opponent did former Texas Ranger infielder Roughned Odor punch in the face during a game in 2016?

In an NBA game in the 1970s, what player fractured Rudy Tomjanovich's skull with a punch?

What mild-mannered former NFL all-star wide receiver was ejected from a game for fighting with Tennessee DB Courtland Finnegan?

In an NBA game vs the Lakers, what former Boston Celtic punched Kobe Bryant?

What two NCAA football teams had a major bench clearing brawl during a game in 2004 that resulted in both teams being banned from Bowl Games?

What former Washington Redskins teammate did Michael Westbrook severely beat up during a team practice?

In a brawl between the Nuggets and Knicks, what player landed 2 solid punches, then ran away, and got a 15 game suspension?

In a fight during a baseball game in 1965, what did future Hall of Famer Juan Marichal do?

What MLB mascot did former MLB manager Tommy Lasorda once try to attack for mimicing him?

What former Raider linebacker was sued by a former teammate for punching him and crushing his eye socket during a practice?

When he was Defensive Coordinator with the Houston Oilers, who did Buddy Ryan punch during a game?

Who did former Ohio State Football Coach Woody Hayes once punch during a game?

What two NBA teams competed in the legendary game nicknamed 'Malice at the Palace'?

What player took a beating from legendary pitcher Nolan Ryan after charging the mound vs the 46 year old pitcher in 1993?

What former Tennessee Titan was kicked out of a game for removing the helmet of an opponent and then stomping on his head?

What former Oakland Raider speared Kansas City Chief Len Dawson near the very end of a 1970 game to spark a bench-clearing brawl?

What former Philadelphia 76er threw punches at Larry Bird while 2 other teammates held Bird down?

During the past few NFL seasons, there have been numerous skirmishes between Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore and what Tampa Bay WR?

During a brawl between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox in 2003, who did Boston pitcher Pedro Martinez toss to the ground?

In an NBA game, what player did Sean Bradley pick up and slam to the ground?

Punching Fans, Attacking Mascots, and Knocking Out Teammates: Fights in Pro Sports

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