Parkour Proficiency Quiz: Test Your Agility and Skills!

Parkour Proficiency Quiz: Test Your Agility and Skills!

Welcome all students to our latest trivia quiz, featuring the amazing world of Parkour! Get ready to jump and leap your way through some super fun facts and figures about this awesome urban sport that's captivated people around the world.For those who don't know, Parkour has evolved rapidly over the past decade and is all about using your body to overcome urban obstacles and navigate through them with seamless grace. From scaling high walls to vaulting over railings and performing mind-blowing acrobatics, Parkour is all about pushing your limits and unleashing your inner athlete.But what do you really know about Parkour? Well, this quiz is here to put your knowledge to the test! Whether you're a seasoned Parkour pro or a complete newcomer to the scene, you're sure to learn something new about this exciting and fast-paced genre.So let's get ready to fly high and find out who's the ultimate Parkour guru in the house. Good luck to all students and let's see who comes out on top in this epic Parkour quiz!

What is a Wall Spin?

Which of the following is not a basic Parkour move?

What is a Rail Precision?

What is a Thief Vault?

What is a Tic Tac to Precision Jump?

What is a Tic Tac?

What is a Palm Spin?

Who is considered the father of Parkour?

What is Parkour?

What is a Precision Jump?

What is a Lache?

What is a Lazy Vault?

Who won the freerunning competition Red Bull Art of Motion in 2019?

What is a Cat Leap?

Who is the first female to have reached the final stage of American Ninja Warrior?

What is a Kong Vault?

What is a Dash Vault?

What is a Safety Vault?

What is a Reverse Kong?

In what year did the term "Parkour" first appear in a documentary film?

Parkour Proficiency Quiz: Test Your Agility and Skills!

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