Keeping it Reel: Fishing Trivia

Keeping it Reel: Fishing Trivia

When I was a little kid, my dad would take me fishing a couple of times a year. I can't say that I ever really enjoyed it, and as an adult, I've only been fishing one time, and that was more about just hanging around with the guys and drinking beers. However, I do have a few friends that could absolutely spend 50 hours a week fishing if they were able to do so. They find it enjoyable and peaceful. Me? I find it boring. That being said, I did learn more than a few things about fishing when I created this quiz. So, time for you to cast your lines and see what you can catch in terms of a great score on this quiz! Most questions provide a definition and you have to choose the correct term.

A fish snagged by a hook anywhere but its mouth:

Pulling lures and/or baits through the water from a moving boat:

If you are going bottom-fishing, you'd be looking to catch what type of fish?

A fish-like hard lure or plug designed to swim under the surface:

A fishing line with little stretch, low diameter, & excellent sensitivity:

Tossing bait chunks into water along with a baited hook:

Grabbing a fish by inserting a thumb into its mouth and pulling down on lower jaw:

A lure made from colored nylon, rubber, or other filaments added to bait:

Generic name for the recipe to tie a fly:

The maximum number of fish an angler is allowed to keep:

What is another name for a bunker?

A leader used for fly-fishing:

Any hookless lure used to attract a fish:

Poles used on large sportfishing boats to hold fishing lines off to the sides of the boat:

A plug or lure with small propellers that spin when the lure is retrieved:

A fly used in fly-fishing that is intended to sink below the surface of the water:

The use of man-made lures instead of live bait:

A free-swimming oceanic fish, such as tuna, billfish, and mahi-mahi:

What term refers to a very big fish?

A horizontal temperature barrier between two bodies of water:

A lure that is meant to float on top of the water:

2 hooks welded or bent together:

Dropping a lure into the water & moving it up and down to attract fish:

Term used to describe when a fish bites a bait or lure:

A tactic used to make a jig or lure quiver enticingly underwater:

Keeping it Reel: Fishing Trivia

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