How Well Do You Know Your NFL Players and Teams?

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How Well Do You Know Your NFL Players and Teams?

The sport of football has changed dramatically over the decades, but what hasn't faltered is the fans' love and devotion to the game. Football is watched by millions of people every week, who cheer for their team and boo everyone else. Football fans makeup one of the most intense fanbases of any major sport and take their knowledge of the game very seriously. So, if you're an NFL fan and you think you know it all, take this How Well Do You Know Your NFL Players and Teams quiz and find out how much you really know. Good luck, and let's play some ball!

As of the 2022 season, which team has the highest payroll?

Who holds the record for most sacks in a game?

What year did the first Madden football game come out?

What year did the Houston Texans make their league debut?

Statistically, which head coach has the worst winning percentage of all-time?

Who is the highest paid player in the NFL right now?

Which QB has thrown for the most yards in a single season?

During the 2000 draft, which team became the first organization to have four first-round picks?

Which wide receiver set a new record for most catches during the 2019 season?

Which quarterback holds the record for most interceptions thrown during their career?

Who won the first ever Super Bowl in 1967?

Who has the most field goals ever kicked in a game?

What player holds the record for most receiving yards in a season?

The 'Music City Miracle' was performed by the Tenness Titans, but who did they do it against?

How many times in a row did the Buffalo Bills make it to the Super Bowl without winning?

Tom Brady has been in the Super Bowl more than anyone. How many times has he been?

Which of these teams has won the least amount of Super Bowls?

What team was future hall-of-famer Drew Brees drafted by?

Jerry Rice is the all-time receiving yards leader. Who has the second-most?

Who was the first overall draft pick in the 2021 NFL draft?

Who has won the most MVP awards during their career?

What team has the most retired jersey numbers?

How many years must a player be retired before they can become eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Who holds the record for throwing a pick-six in four consecutive games?

The New York Giants retired the number 56. Who wore it?

How Well Do You Know Your NFL Players and Teams?

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