How Well Do You Know The Olympic Games?

How Well Do You Know The Olympic Games?

Every two years, the world comes together to watch the Olympic Games! These incredible displays of international sport provide memories to last a lifetime for both athletes and audiences, from last-second finishes and historic moments to incredible individual accomplishments and team records. But how much do you know about the details and history of the Games? Just as Olympic athletes push their bodies to the limit, put your mind to the test to complete this fun and challenging quiz on the Olympic Games!

Which country won the most medals at the 1952 Winter Olympics in Norway?

Which of these cities has hosted the modern Olympics 3 times?

What year did Jamaica make their Olympic men's bobsled debut?

Who won the first ever Olympic gold medal in snowboarding?

Which of these sports did NOT debut at the 2021 Tokyo Games?

What is the most amount of medals won by a single country at one Winter Olympic Games?

What is the oldest Olympic event still practiced?

Which of these events is NOT part of the Olympic heptathlon competition?

Which of these colours is NOT a colour of the Olympic Rings?

Who is the most decorated Olympian of all time?

When were the first Olympic Games ever held?

What sports are in the biathlon at the Winter Olympics?

How far was Eddie the Eagle's longest ski jump at the 1988 Calgary Games?

Which country won gold in 2006 men's ice hockey?

Which country's judges were at the centre of the 2002 Winter Olympics figure skating scandal?

Who was the last athlete to win medals in both Summer and Winter Olympic Games?

How many times has bowling been a demonstration sport at the Olympics?

What are modern Olympic gold medals mostly made of?

Which of these events has never been an Olympic sport?

What is the most amount of medals won by a single country at one Summer Olympic Games?

Which track and field athlete famously won 4 gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Games?

Who won Canada's first Olympic gold medal on home soil?

Who assisted on Sidney Crosby's iconic goal to win men's hockey gold at the Vancouver 2010 Games?

Which of these events ended in a tie for the gold medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Games?

When was the first year the Summer and Winter Games were held in different years?

Which country won gold in women's soccer at the 2021 Tokyo Games?

How large is an Olympic swimming pool in metres?

How Well Do You Know The Olympic Games?

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