How Well Do You Know the Canadian Elite Basketball League?

How Well Do You Know the Canadian Elite Basketball League?

You’ve heard of the NBA, but how about the CEBL? The Canadian Elite Basketball League aims to showcase the country’s best up-and-coming talent alongside international players from other leagues, providing elite quality entertainment for Canadian basketball fans! The relatively new league is fun, fast-paced, and growing in popularity, but how much do you know about it? Take this quiz to prove that you’re a pro baller by testing your knowledge of CEBL rules, teams, and history!

How many games does each team play in the regular season?

What is the primary colour of the CEBL logo?

What percentage of each team's players must be Canadian by league rules?

Who was the Finals MVP for the 2019 Championship Weekend?

How many teams play in the Canadian Elite Basketball League?

How many CEBL teams are owned by the league?

What is the Elam Ending that the CEBL uses for its games?

What set of basketball gameplay rules does the CEBL use?

Who was the 2021 CEBL Most Valuable Player?

How many domestic (Canadian or American) players must be on the court at all times during CEBL games?

Which CEBL team has won the most championships?

Which Canadian province is home to the most CEBL franchises?

Which of these teams was NOT one of the league's original six franchises?

Who was the top draft pick in the 2019 CEBL season?

Which two teams played in the first ever CEBL game?

Which university had the most players selected from it during the 2021 CEBL U-Sports Draft?

Which team's arena has the largest fan capacity?

What date was the CEBL founded?

Which of these teams joined the league before 2021?

Which TV network is the premier media partner of the CEBL?

How many total rounds were there in the 2019 CEBL Entry Draft?

During what months does the CEBL season run?

Which of these teams it NOT a franchise in the CEBL?

What year was the inaugural CEBL season?

Who won the first ever CEBL Championship Weekend?

How Well Do You Know the Canadian Elite Basketball League?

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