How Much Do You Remember About Creed?

How Much Do You Remember About Creed?

It’s time for the next generation to get into the ring and fight. Creed tells the story of Adonis Johnson (Creed), the son of the late famous boxer, Apollo Creed. With a troubled childhood and a stint in a youth detention facility behind him, Adonis is ready to step into the ring…but wants to do it without his father’s legacy behind him. Can he do it? Who becomes his trainer and mentor? Does he have the strength to get back up when he falls and fails? It’s time for you to put on your own boxing gloves and go toe to toe with this quiz to see if you really know Creed.

Where does Donnie audition to be a professional boxer?

Who is Donnie's love interest?

Where does Donnie train?

What is Mary Anne's present to Donnie?

What is Donnie's fight name?

Who won the night?

What is Leo Sporino's nickname?

What is Creed a spinoff of?

What does Donnie bet against getting a clean head shot on him?

Where is Donnie in 2015?

Who beats Donnie in a sparring match after a public challenge?

How did Apollo die?

Where does Donnie fight Conlan?

Who was Apollo's trainer?

What medical condition does Rocky have?

Who did Donnie fight that caused his identity to be leaked?

Who does Donnie hope to find in Philadelphia?

Who offers to take Adonis in when he is in jail?

What is Adonis Johnson's nickname?

How many steps do Donnie and Rocky climb at the end?

What is the name of Rocky's restaurant?

Which character has a hearing impairment?

What is Danny Wheeler's nickname?

Who is the world lightweight champion?

What does Donnie and Conlan's fight draw parallels to?

How Much Do You Remember About Creed?

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