How Much Do You Know About the NHL?

How Much Do You Know About the NHL?

Did you know that the National Hockey League is the premier league for ice hockey and has been around for more than 100 years? Do you love hockey? Or have friends and family that do? Do you know all the stats about the league or your favourite player? Let's see how much you really know about the NHL with this interactive quiz! Take a shot, we hope you score!

The oldest player to score a hat trick in an NHL game is which of these players?

When did the first female play a game in the NHL?

Which player is on their way to scoring the most goals in history?

When did wearing a helmet become mandatory for NHL players?

Which rookie player scored 76 goals?

Which NHL team has the highest financial value?

When did the first goalie wear a full face mask?

Which NHL player has the most penalty minutes?

Which team is the newest addition to the NHL as of the 2018-2019 season?

The Hockey Hall of Fame is in which city?

Which player is known and will always be known as 'The Great One'?

Statistically, which country do the most NHL players come from?

The Sedin twins played for which team during their NHL career?

Which of the following records does Wayne Gretzky not hold?

What was the longest NHL game ever played?

How long was the longest on-ice incident suspension?

Which NHL player had the longest season?

Who was the most recent goalie to win the Hart Memorial Trophy?

We've asked you about the tallest player in NHL history, but who was the shortest?

The tallest NHL player ever is which of these players?

Which of these teams was not part of the 'Original Six' in the NHL?

The longest winning streak belongs to which NHL team?

Which player has won the most Stanley Cups during their career?

Which award is given to the season's MVP?

How come the Stanley Cup was not awarded after the playoffs in 1919?

As of 2018-2019, which player has the highest annual salary?

Fighting in the NHL was formally regulated through rules in what year?

Which of these players was the captain of the Carolina Hurricanes in the 2018-19 season?

What is the record for most points scored by a single NHL player during a game?

What is Marty McSorley known for?

The record for most points scored by a player in a whole NHL regular season is?

What does a 'Gordie Howe hat trick' refer to?

The NHL season was suspended this year, in 2020. What was the reason for this?

Which of these teams has won the Stanley Cup the most?

Which player was captain for two different teams that both won the Cup under his leadership

How Much Do You Know About the NHL?

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