Hit the Slopes: A Snowboarding Quiz

Hit the Slopes: A Snowboarding Quiz

Alright, snowboard fanatics! Get ready to shred the powder and test your knowledge with our snowboarding trivia quiz.Are you a seasoned pro or just starting to learn the ropes? This quiz will put your snowboarding skills to the ultimate test. We'll be covering everything from the history of snowboarding to the coolest tricks in the book, so get ready to impress your friends and show off your knowledge of the sport.Think you know all about the origins of snowboarding culture? Who won the first Olympic gold medal in snowboarding? Do you know what a tweak is? Let's see if you can keep up with all the twists and turns of this exciting quiz.So grab your board and hit the slopes of knowledge with our fun and engaging snowboarding trivia quiz. It's time to see if you have what it takes to become the ultimate snowboarding champ. Good luck and shred on!

What is the name of the snowboarding trick where the rider spins 180 degrees in the air?

What is the term for riding with the opposite stance of your usual stance?

What is the term for a snowboarding jump where the rider spins 540 degrees?

Which type of snowboarding terrain involves jumping over man-made obstacles?

What is the term for riding downhill with the back of the board facing forward?

What does the term “powder” refer to in snowboarding?

Which snowboarding legend has won 3 Olympic gold medals and 2 X-Games gold medals in the halfpipe event?

Which brand produces the iconic snowboard model “Custom”?

What is the term for doing a 360-degree spin in the air without grabbing the board?

What is the term for doing a jump on a snowboard where the rider rotates 900 degrees?

Which part of the snowboard absorbs shock?

What part of a snowboard is used for turning?

Which one is not a type of snowboarding turn?

Which part of a snowboard provides a stable base for the rider’s feet?

Which snowboarding discipline involves racing downhill on a course with jumps, turns, and obstacles?

Which stance refers to riding with the right foot forward?

What is the term for doing a snowboarding trick in the air, followed by grabbing the board with one hand?

Which one is not a snowboarding grab?

Which competition has been a part of the Winter Olympics since 1998?

What is the name of the snowboarding trick where the rider flips upside down while also spinning?

Hit the Slopes: A Snowboarding Quiz

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