Here Comes Trouble:  Suspensions in Professional Sports

Here Comes Trouble: Suspensions in Professional Sports

In sports like football and hockey, players get to do things during the game that would get the average citizen arrested if they did it in public. That must be a great way to work out some aggression! However, sometimes they go too far and end of getting suspended. Of course, this happens in other sports too for a variety of seasons. Do you know the 'bad boys' of professional sports? If not, maybe you should get suspended from partaking in any more of these sports quizzes! Just kidding!

Which soccer player infamously head-butted an opponent near the end of a World Cup final?

What tennis star was suspended in 2022 for 8 weeks for smashing his racquet on the umpire's chair?

Which NFL QB received an indefinite ban (later reinstated) for running a dog-fighting ring?

In 2009, former WR Donte Stallworth was suspended 1 year for what infraction?

In 1983, why was NHL forward Tom Lysiak suspended for 20 games?

Which of the following MLB players was NOT ever suspended 1 full season for P.E.D. use?

In 2001, how many games was Tie Domi suspended for punching a fan who fell into the penalty box?

What former NFL Quarterback was suspended numerous times and finally banned for gambling?

Giorgios Katidis was suspended for life by the Greek national soccer team for this act after scoring?

In November 2021, a soccer player was suspended for 5 years for biting another player's _______?

In 1987, which NBA team had 2 players permanently banned from the league?

Soccer player Luis Suarez has been suspended multiple times for what act?

In 1977, what player was suspended 60 days and fined $10 000 for punching Rudy Tomjanovich?

In 2010, who was suspended 50 games for bringing a loaded gun into the locker room?

in 1997, which NBA player was suspended 68 games for attacking his coach?

How many of the top 10 100 metre sprinters in history have NOT ever been suspended for drug use?

What former player/manager received a lifetime suspension for gambling on MLB games?

Which former player was suspended for life AFTER he retired for signing autographs in a casino?

Which MLB team had 8 players permanently banned for conspiring to 'fix' games they played in?

What NFL coach was suspended for 1 year?

In 1955, what Hall of Famer was suspended 15 games for knocking out a ref during an on-ice fight?

PBA Pro Bowler Sean Rash was suspended from 1 event in 2022 for doing what?

Which NBA player was once suspended for going into the stands and punching some fans?

Which NFL Quarterback was suspended for allegedly deflating some footballs?

What NFL player was suspended for 2 years for accidentally shooting himself in the leg?

Who was suspended 11 games in the NBA for kicking a courtside photographer?

In 1975, Detroit Red Wing Dan Maloney was banned from playing in this city for 2 years?

Which legendary NFL running back was once suspended for gambling on NFL games?

Which NFL player initially only received a 2 game suspension for a domestic abuse incident in an elevator?

Not including a permanent ban, what MLB player received the longest suspension in league history?

Here Comes Trouble: Suspensions in Professional Sports

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