Gutter Balls & Kingpins: Bowling Trivia

Gutter Balls & Kingpins: Bowling Trivia

Bowling is a popular sport in North America. More than 67 million Americans go bowling at least once a year. It is a sport that one does NOT have to be in great shape to play. It is a fun, social game that children can play too using a smaller/lighter ball. Bowling has been featured on television shows such as All in the Family, The Simpsons, Roseanne, and Modern Family. Personally, I've probably only gone bowling about a dozen times in my life. How about you? Are you a bowler? Well, instead of 10 frames, how about 25 questions?

On the Pro Bowling Tour, what is the required height of each pin?

What is the name of the company that makes 'Zone' bowling balls?

Who starred in the bowling movie 'Kingpin'?

What is a perfect score in bowling?

How many strikes in a row would be necessary to score a perfect game?

What is the most difficult bowling shot?

Compared to traditional ten-pin bowling, what makes candlepin bowling different?

In which of these movies was bowling featured?

Compared to traditional ten-pin bowling, what makes duckpin bowling different?

What does the term 'spare' mean in bowling?

How many holes are there in candlepin bowling balls?

How many frames are there in a bowling match?

What are the areas on both sides of a bowling lane called?

On the Pro Bowling Tour, how heavy are the balls?

In ten-pin bowling, what is known as the 'kingpin'?

What term refers to a group of bowling pins?

What is the maximum amount of throws one can have in a single bowling frame?

Getting 3 strikes in a row is sometimes called a ________.

Which of the following men was NOT a famous pro bowler?

Who was Thomas F. Ryan?

Which of the following men was NOT a famous pro bowler?

How many boards are there across one lane of a bowling alley?

What is the highest possible score in five-pin bowling?

Bowling pins are white and ________.

On the Pro Bowling Tour, how many pins are there?

Gutter Balls & Kingpins: Bowling Trivia

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