Alligator Arms, Reshirts, and Wildcats: Football Lingo Part 2

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Alligator Arms, Reshirts, and Wildcats: Football Lingo Part 2

In different professions and sports, the people involved in that activity often speak a language that outsiders cannot understand. That is especially true in the game of football. There is so much confusing terminology for any newbie to understand, but if you're taking this quiz, you like football and know a lot about it....right? Well, let's find out!

What is it called when a defense aligns many defenders deep, allowing the offence to gain small amounts of yardage easily?

What is it called when a receiver gains yards after he catches the ball?

What players on the field would be most likely to deliver 'pancakes'?

What is the space between an offensive guard and an offensive tackle called?

What is it called when an offence only has one running back in the backfield?

What is the first Monday after the end of the regular season called?

On college football teams, what do you call players that do not dress for games the entire season, thus not losing a year of eligibility?

What is it called when a team fakes a run in one direction but then the QB rolls out to the other side of the field looking to pass?

What is the area behind the line of scrimmage where the QB stands to throw the ball called?

What type of pass route involves a running back taking off towards the sideline and then suddenly heading upfield?

In Canadian football, if a play is run to the nearest side of the field, this is called ___________.

What is it called if an offensive player is tackled in their own end zone while holding the ball?

What is it called when the QB is in a shotgun formation and there's a running back behind him?

What is the space between the center and an offensive guard called?

What is a 'chip shot'?

If a team advances inside another team's 20 yard line, that is often called the ____________.

What type of formation involves a running back or wide receiver lined up in the QB's spot, usually to run the ball?

What is a 'bomb'?

What is a lateral?

What is it called if a defender tackles a QB behind the line of a scrimmage?

What do you call a player who is expected to perform well but does not even come close to reaching their potential?

What player on the field may be guilty of having 'alligator arms'?

Who goes on the field for a kick return team when they are expecting an onsides kick?

What is it called when a defender intercepts a ball and returns it for a touchdown?

What is it called when a team throws a very long pass at the end of a half or game?

Alligator Arms, Reshirts, and Wildcats: Football Lingo Part 2

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