Fat Guys in Diapers Fighting: Sumo Wrestling Trivia

Fat Guys in Diapers Fighting: Sumo Wrestling Trivia

I've never been to Japan. I have had interest in specifically going to Tokyo, but it's so far away I haven't managed to get there yet. Even if I do ever get to Japan, I can honestly tell you that I would not be attending any sumo wrestling matches. I've watched some videos of the sport, and frankly, I'll just stick to football, baseball, and other more North American sports. However, when researching this quiz, I did learn a number of very interesting and surprising facts about sumo wrestlers. I hope you'll be as interested as I was. Watashi wa anata ga umaku iku koto o negatte imasu! (I hope you do well)

Which of these Japanese cities does NOT host a major sumo tournament annually?

What must sumo wrestlers always do when in public to identify themselves in as sumos?

Sumo wrestlers are not allowed to:

What is the name of the garment that sumo wrestlers wear?

What is the name given to the lowest rank in sumo?

Sumo wrestlers, on average, live ______ years less than the typical Japanese citizen.

How many major sumo tournaments are held annually in Japan?

How much money does a sumo of the highest ranking earn per month?

In the highest division of sumo competition, sumo wrestlers from the top _____ categories compete.

Sumo wrestlers typically always get up at ______a.m. to begin their daily training.

How many sumo wrestlers train together in a typical 'sumo stable'?

What object will sumo wrestlers throw across the floor of a ring before a match?

What is the name given to the highest rank in sumo?

Before a sumo match begins, what does a wrestler traditionally do several times?

How many annual major sumo tournaments are specifically held in Tokyo, Japan?

A sumo match officially begins once both wrestlers do what?

Sumos are expected to grow their hair long and wear it in a top knot known as a _______.

What is the diameter of a sumo ring?

To become a professional sumo wrestler, one must complete _____ years of mandatory training/education.

Sumo wrestling is thought to have originated ______years ago.

Sumo organizations, or sumo stables, are all allowed to recruit and train how many foreigners at once?

In sumo tournaments, how many matches does the typical wrestler compete in per day?

In which Austin Powers movie is sumo wrestling featured?

Sumo matches usually end in seconds, but technically, one can last as long as ____________.

Takanoyama Shuntaro, known as the Skinny Sumo, was a successful wrestler in Japan about 10 years ago from _______.

Fat Guys in Diapers Fighting: Sumo Wrestling Trivia

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