Do You Know Your 1990’s Cars?

Do You Know Your 1990’s Cars?

The 90s was a time of good television shows, great music and even better cars! The 1980s had been a drag in the automotive industry, but the 90s were all about picking that back up at full speed. This quiz gives you a chance to reminisce about all the great things that happened to the automotive industry during this decade. We are about to bring you on a nostalgic journey. From muscle cars to Japanese imports, from muscle cars to SUVs, how much do you really know? Let's find out in the quiz below.
We are about to bring you all the nostalgia from muscle cars, to Japanese imports, to supercars, and even the climb in SUV popularity!

How much do you really know? Let’s find out in the quiz below!

The Viper was a supercar that …

This car is known for being technologically advanced.

What second-generation car was just as good (or perhaps better) than it's predecessor?

It's rumored that this car saved Porsche from financial ruin.

In the 90s trucks weren’t just used to move large items, they were also raced. What was GMC’s most well-known hot street truck?

Which car in the 90s had the driver located in the middle of three seats?

Volkswagen went back to basics when they brought this vehicle out of retirement.

This car was released after the Countach.

What was the famous Nissan R33 called?

Which car was endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

This was a record-holding British supercar.

Which Subaru vehicle competed directly with the Dodge Stealth?

What car shared an engine with the Mitsubishi Eclipse?

What high-performance car was nicknamed the “Clown Shoe’ for its small trunk size and large front end?

Which Ford SUVs debuted in 1991?

Back in the 90s, rappers were all about which luxury car?

What was the BMW E39?

Which 90s car was popular, but you didn't want to see it in your rear-view mirror!

A Japanese roadster that reminded people of British models.

The twin-turbo rotary engine was featured in what car?

Which street-approved car boasted a Formula One engine?

What was the real Nissan Performance supercar?

Which muscle car from the 90s had independent rear suspension?

Which Corvette’s engine had to be outsourced?

This Sedan was popular with female consumers

Toyota wanted to get into the luxury car division, what sedan made that possible for them?

Supercars were huge in the 90s. What was Toyota's top supercar?

The Audi RS2 Avant was considered a what?

Ford is known for their pick-up trucks, which was a Ford’s favorite from the 90s?

It’s hard to imagine competing against Ferrari, but which car was designed to do exactly that?

Did Ford Taurus have a performance version?

Which Ferrari grand tourer model from the 90s is one of Ferrari's most overlooked models?

Do You Know Your 1990’s Cars?

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