Are You An Olympics Trivia Medalist?

Are You An Olympics Trivia Medalist?

See if you can get gold in this Olympics trivia quiz. Test your knowledge of Olympic events, records and history.

When did ice dancing become an Olympic sport?

The record for men's speed skating in the 500 meter is

What is the minimum age to enter the figure skating event in the Olympics?

Which Winter Olympic games revealed widespread bribery in the process of choosing a city?

The oldest male athlete to win a gold medal was Oscar Swahm. How old was he?

As of 2022, how many medals does Michael Phelps have?

Curling is similar to what sport?

Where did cross-country skiing first originate?

The first year that the summer Paralympics were held?

Which is NOT in Category A, the most popular category of Olympic Games?

According to Legend, who built the first Olympic stadium?

Which country was found enabling and covering for athlete abuse of performance enhancing substances?

Which country has the highest all time gold medal wins?

When did the games begin awarding gold, silver and bronze?

Ian Millar, equestrian rider, has appeared in the most Olympics. How many?

The woman who has won the most medals of all time competed in?

What city was the first to hold both the summer and winter Olympic Games?

Simone Biles has how many gold medals?

In what year did alpine skiing debut at the Winter Olympics?

Usain Bolt's second 100m world record broke his first. How fast was the second?

Which was not in the original five Winter Olympic sports?

What was the biathlon event previously called?

Dimitrious Loundras is the youngest male to win an Olympic medal. He competed in the:

Are You An Olympics Trivia Medalist?

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