Answer These Personality Questions and We’ll Tell You What Sport You Should Get Into

Answer These Personality Questions and We’ll Tell You What Sport You Should Get Into

Sports have been a form of entertainment for almost as long as humans have been. People have always wanted to try to show superiority through performing physical acts. There was the Colosseum during the days of the Romans. The Medieval Times had sword fighting, and for the last 120 years, we have had different versions of organized sports. Of course, activities like golf, soccer and swimming are enjoyed by many. Still, the main four sports of North America for the last century have been football, hockey, basketball and baseball. Suppose you’ve been thinking about getting into one of these four but aren’t sure which one; no need to fret. Answer these personality questions and we’ll calculate which sport you should start enjoying!

How tidy are you?

What scares you the most?

How easily do you get upset?

Do you enjoy helping people?

How organized is your home right now?

How do you deal with confrontation?

What level of sympathy do you hold for people?

How well do you interact with strangers?

How well do you stick to the rules?

How trusting of people are you?

What level of preparedness do you typically have for an upcoming event?

How often would you say you daydream?

How well do you handle a multitude of tasks?

In a group setting, which role are you most likely to take on?

What is your work ethic like?

What genre of movie are you most likely to watch?

How passionate about charities and causes are you?

How beautiful do you think the world is?

Which hobby are you most likely to pick up?

Do you enjoy talking about yourself?

Matt Howell

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