A Running Back Playing Center and a Quarterback Playing Wide Receiver? Bizarre NFL Plays 2022 Season

A Running Back Playing Center and a Quarterback Playing Wide Receiver? Bizarre NFL Plays 2022 Season

The title of the quiz conveys a couple of weird things that happened in the NFL during 2022. Among other things, a player was suspended for a full year for placing three relatively small bets. Given the league's recent embracing of gambling, that seemed extreme. The season also featured a QB throw 4 interceptions in the 1st half of a playoff game and then come back to win it, a QB convert a 2 point convert with a very long scramble, and numerous other oddities. Let's see what you remember right now!

What team's offensive coordinator threw a huge tantrum in the booth when his QB didn't 'clock' the ball in time near the end of the game in a loss to Miami?

What New England player lateralled the ball 12 yards on the last play of the game to Raider DE Chandler Jones which he subsequently returned for a TD to win the game?

What team scored a TD in a game vs Green Bay on a play where the clock had hit zero for at least 2 full seconds before the ball was snapped?

What team stopped the Vikings on a 4th and inches at the goal line and then had their own QB fumble the ball on the next play awarding Minnesota a touchdown?

What player said he needed to go on a retreat into the darkness after the season to decide on his playing future?

What playoff team fell behind the lowly Colts 33 to 0 in the 1st half of an NFL game this year?

What team hired a replacement coach midseason who had never even coached at the college or pro level at all?

What defender got an unnecessary roughness penalty for merely standing still as Seattle QB Geno Smith ran into him?

What QB lined up at wide receiver during a game, ran a deep route, slipped, and then tripped the defender who intercepted the ball?

What wide receiver was suspended for the entire year for making three $500 bets on football games?

What team celebrated some of their touchdowns by jumping into a very large, red Salvation Army bin?

What QB reunited with his former O.C. (now a Head Coach) but subsequently went 5-8 with a QB rating of only 55.6 and was benched for the final 4 games?

What running back played one down as a center during the NFL season?

On opening day, what team started their 5th different QB in 5 different years to start a season?

What Raider player fumbled twice in 3 plays, the 2nd one resulting in a defensive TD for the Cardinals allowing them to win in overtime vs Las Vegas?

What team started two wide receivers with very long, hyphenated last names?

What quarterback threw 4 interceptions in the 1st half of a playoff game yet lead his team to victory in the 2nd half?

What team acquired a new QB before the NFL season started and then found out he would be suspended for 11 games?

What team signed running back Chase Edmonds to a 2 year, $12 million deal but then traded him midseason to Denver?

In week 1, what team let almost a full 40 seconds tick off the clock and unsuccessfully tried a 64 yard field goal instead of going for it on 4th and 5? Guess what? They lost!

What QB headbutted his teammates while celebrating many times during the season? (Note: He had no helmet on but his teammates did!)

Given his very poor production, what team probably regrets signing Julio Jones to a contract last year?

On a successful 2 point conversion play vs the Raiders, how long did Cardinal QB Kyler Murray scramble vs the Raiders?

What Buffalo Bill player lined up behind center on a 4th and 1 vs the Jets and drew the defense offsides?

What Quarterback, starting for his 3rd different team in 3 years, was benched during the season after going 2-5 and then dumped after the season was over?

A Running Back Playing Center and a Quarterback Playing Wide Receiver? Bizarre NFL Plays 2022 Season

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