A Paddling Palindrome: Kayak Time

A Paddling Palindrome: Kayak Time

Have you ever been kayaking? Do you know the difference between rowing and paddling and canoeing and kayaking? Are you ready to make a splash in terms of starting off well in terms of this quiz? Hopefully, you brought your thinking cap, otherwise you'll find yourself up the creek without a paddle. Okay, enough jokes and puns. Let's get our feet wet and begin!

The opposite direction in which the current is flowing is called ________________.

Which of the following is NOT a major producer of kayaks?

A skeg is something that is similar to a ______________.

What part of the kayak is called 'the deck'?

What is a steering device that drops down from the hull at the stern of a kayak called?

What is the bottom of a kayak called?

What is the dry storage compartment built into a kayak called?

What is the back of a kayak called?

What was the first year that kayaking was an Olympic sport?

In total, how many Olympic Medals has Canada won in Canoeing and Kayaking since 2000?

The act of swimming out of one's kayak is called a _____________.

The term KAYAK comes from the word 'qajaq' which originates from:

A piece of webbing with a metal buckle used to tie down a kayak to a roof rack is called a:

Which of the following is NOT a type of kayak?

Tree branches in the water that can trap a kayak are called ___________.

What is a figure-eight stroke that draws a kayak sideways through the water called?

Where is the bow of a kayak?

The act of carrying one's kayak around an obstacle or rapid is called:

__________ refers to a paddler's ability to stay upright even when the kayak has turned sideways.

What is a large body of water that isn't protected from wind by trees or shoreline called?

The technique used by kayakers to right themselves when they flip over is called:

The direction in which the current is flowing is called _______________________.

If you want a kayak that turns quicker, you would want one that is:

The ability of a kayak to stay right-side-up while sitting flat on the water refers to:

Ropes or straps used to tie down the front & back of a kayak to vehicle bumpers are called:

A Paddling Palindrome: Kayak Time

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