How Well Do You Remember the Events of 2002?

How Well Do You Remember the Events of 2002?

Time is a weird thing. It can fly by or go at a snail's pace depending on if you're doing something you enjoy or not. Time also means different things to different people. Some people say the good old days, or I'm happy we're not living in those times anymore. A time filled with some incredible events, art and fashion was the early 2000s. Does it blow your mind that 2002 was twenty years ago? Time is relevant, but it doesn't seem like it's been twenty years since 2002. But if you're old enough to remember what was happening at the time, test your knowledge with this How Well Do You Remember the Events of 2002 quiz! So, grab your baggy pants, visors and cellphones that were only phones and have some fun.

What movie took home the Oscar for best picture?

What show premiered in 2002 that wouldn't fly in today's world?

What was the most popular social media site?

What famous athlete was disqualified from a major event for using performance enhancing drugs?

Who got "Dirty" with the release of their second album?

How big was the asteroid that passed by the earth?

What TV show from 2002 currently has the highest rating on IMDB?

Which of these artists were NOT inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002?

What popular reality show premiered in 2002 and ran for four seasons?

How much storage was available on the newly-released second-generation iPod?

What famous celebrity couple broke up in 2002?

Which group or artist took home five Grammys at the 2002 awards show?

What was the biggest-selling album of 2002?

Who won the first season of American Idol that premiered in 2002?

Who did People's Magazine choose as their Sexiest Man Alive?

What was the most popular girls' name of 2002?

What large retailer filed for bankruptcy protection in 2002?

Who was the first black actress to win and Academy Award for Best Actress?

What was the average time spent surfing the web?

What crazy thing did Michael Jackson do in 2002?

What was the highest-grossing movie of the year?

Who was the President of the United States?

What was the average time it took to download a song?

What company released the first ever cellphone to have a built-in camera?

Who won the World Series in 2002?

How Well Do You Remember the Events of 2002?

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